ECEWrite & Cite® Training Module and Competency Exam

Write & Cite: An Academic Writing Readiness Course provides students the skills and knowledge needed to write, format, and properly cite academic papers, theses, and dissertations. The 8-module course, each with 3-5 learning sections, can be customized to teach APA, MLA, or CMS citation styles, along with online instruction regarding proper word choices, tone, plagiarism, paper organization, and literature-based research.  

Write & Cite is designed to give both undergraduate and graduate students the skills needed to write, format, and properly cite academic papers and dissertations. More than just a formal requirement, proper citation is imperative to respectfully borrow and expand upon others’ ideas; without a correct citation and reference, the writer is guilty of plagiarism.

The Write & Cite modules and sections set forth the rules to a standard system for giving credit to others for their contribution to a paper. In addition, the online lessons provide keys to uniformity in style, grammar, punctuation, and format, so that a paper conforms to professional standards and can be accepted for academic submission and potential publication.


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