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Services Overview and Assessment Exams

Peregrine Academic Services in cooperation with our Mongolian partner office, Peregrine Academic Services-Mongolia (PASM) provides global higher education support services for program level accreditation (international and US-based), curriculum assessment, academic continuous improvement and student/faculty development for our Mongolian client institutions of higher education. Our two companies, Peregrine Academic Services and the Peregrine Leadership Institute, provide a variety of academic consulting services in addition to leadership development and management services through the use of interactive workshops and seminars based on practical approaches held both in Mongolia and the US.

In Mongolian language, Peregrine offers internationally normed, summative assessment exams in Business Administration used for internal and external academic program evaluation that are applicable for assessment of management education throughout the world. The online exam services are designed to satisfy the AACSB, ACBSP, and IACBE accreditation requirements related to learning outcomes assessment, quality assurance, and external academic benchmarking.

The most common assessment construct is an Inbound/Outbound Exam approach. Students at the start of the academic program complete the Inbound Exam. The Outbound Exam is administered to the students at the end of the academic program. Many schools also use a Midpoint Exam to measure student progress. All exams are provided online, with or without an exam proctor, using a secure web service that includes safeguards to ensure exam integrity.

The difference in Inbound and Outbound exam scores, both cumulatively and individually, is your direct measure of learning and the value added by the academic institution. Program-level and course-level learning outcomes are evaluated, analyzed, and assessed using the detailed reporting provided with the service. External benchmarking includes the comparisons of the percent change and the Outbound Exam results to other academic institutions. Collectively, the assessment construct is designed to satisfy several programmatic and institutional accreditation needs.

ALC and Writing Services in English 

In English language, we provide online learning modules (ALC online mini-courses) based on the business program Common Professional Component (CPC) topics. There are 15 CPC-based modules. Each module includes  a pre-test, 4-6 hours of instructional material, and a post-test. These  modules can be used to build an academic course for English language instruction of Business curriculum, to supplement undergraduate or graduate programs. Use of the modules promotes global business education instruction and business instruction in English, and is designed to satisfy several AACSB, ACBSP, and  IACBE accreditation requirements related to quality and assurance of  learning.

Consulting and Leadership Services

Peregrine provides a variety of academic consulting services used by both accreditation organizations in reviewing, developing and improving accreditation standards and principles, and institutions of higher education for quality assurance, capacity development and sustainability. In particular, for quality assurance and accreditation related work, Peregrine has successfully provided consultations to the Mongolian schools seeking US-based accreditation. They are:

  • The School of Business and Economics of the Mongolian State University of Agriculture

  • Computer Technology and Business School of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology

  • Private schools such as Etugen, Ider, Mandakh, and San Institutes.

All our Mongolian consulting client institutions have successfully received their accreditation from ACBSP. The consulting work for these institutions involved clarifying and ensuring proper interpretation and understanding of accreditation standards and requirements, reviewing and commenting on preliminary questionnaire and self-study reports prepared by institutions for accreditation submissions, and overview of on-campus site team visits.

In Mongolian and English languages, Peregrine provides leadership development and management services through the use of interactive, in person workshops and seminars in Mongolia and the US.  Based on materials used in leadership skills development workshops and seminars,  Peregrine has published a book titled: "Leadership Essentials: Practical and Proven Approaches in Leadership and Supervision".  The text of the book is printed in English and Mongolian languages side by side., thus making the book not only a manual on practical leadership approaches but also a reference book of leadership concepts for English language learners of leadership.


Peregrine Academic Services - Mongolia or PASM office started its operations in 2012 and is located in Ulaanbaatar. Dr. Alzakhgui Vandan is President of PASM, Ms. Odgerel Batmunkh - Client Services Manager and Ms. Ichinkhorloo Batjargal - Marketing Manager.

For more detailed information about PASM activities, our partner office in Mongolia, please click here or visit their website at

To purchase the Leadership Essentials book (published in Mongolian and English languages), please visit the PASM website or email


     Shine Dur Hothon, 72/А

     Han Uul District, 15

     Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

     Phone: +011 (976) 7000-8094 



Mongolian Leadership Development Workshop Report - 2014
This report was prepared for the Mongolian Ministry of Labor and provides detailed information about the leadership development workshop organized for the Mongolian government officials in February 2014 and held in Gillette, WY USA. The report covers information on the purpose of the workshop, the schedule, the customized seminar topics presented and discussed, trips taken, logistics, fees and expenses, and future recommendations.
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Sample Service Agreement for "Practical Leadership Skills Development Workshop"
Sample Services Agreement covers information on the services summary, dates, customized topics to present and discuss, logistics related issues, fees and expenses, payment schedule, travel, visa and other items for coordination.
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