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WARNING: Leadership is not for the faint of heart! Leadership is not a group hug, sing-along session designed to promote warm feelings, peace, and harmony within the workplace. Instead, leadership is an action-packed, hands-on effort that frequently includes hard choices, ethical dilemmas, solid people skills, and an unwavering adherence to strong values.  Leadership is about earning trust and respect through modeled behaviors. Leadership is about inspiring people to reach their potential and achieve the vision. Leaders must recognize the value that employees bring to the organization, harness their potential, and guide them towards achieving a well-communicated vision. Leadership is a team effort that involves more than just faithful followers, but also includes peers and superiors within a collaborative environment of continuous improvement, growth, and change. 

Peregrine Leadership Institute includes professionals with years of practical experience at all organization levels, from front line supervisor through senior executive. All workshop facilitators and leadership coaches have the right combination of practical experience, professional training, and most assuredly competency needed to facilitate the most impactful workshops and provide the most meaning coaching feedback.

Leadership is about bringing out the potential in others through the active expression of core values in order to obtain goals. Leadership is essential for organizational success. Leadership is winning the hearts and minds, all the time, everywhere. Leaders are made through hard work and dedication. It is how we grow organizations and impact lives. But, as we all know, leadership is not just an idea: it has to be action and participation.

Collectively, we have all worked previously in government (state and federal) and in private business. We have worked in the energy sectors, education, law enforcement, defense, higher education, emergency management, retail, and services/support industries. Our past positions include supervisor, manager, human resource specialist, corporate trainer, company officer, and senior executive. We are a diversified team of highly trained and motivated professionals with an absolute passion for values-based leadership.

Our focus is on workplace application. We do not dwell on irrelevant leadership theory. Instead, our focus is on workplace application. We do not use roleplaying in our workshops, rather we use proven methods for practical adult education. Our approach is unique and it is in this uniqueness that is the value-added difference you will realize as you make your investment in your employees.


Peregrine Global Overview
Peregrine Global includes both Peregrine Academic Services and the Peregrine Leadership Institute, along with global partners. Learn more about our organization from the organizational profile.
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