ECEGlobal Higher Education Services (English)

Peregrine Academic Services is the globally recognized leader in providing online assessment services, online
education services, and educational support services to institutions of higher education. Peregrine Leadership
Institute provides leadership development, strategic planning, and academic consulting services for higher
education institutions and academic organizations. Together, along with our strategic partners, Peregrine Global
serves the higher education community throughout the world with thought-partner solutions focused on quality

Programmatic assessment services are available for business and management academic degree programmes.
The assessment services are used for benchmarking, reliability metrics, longitudinal analysis, and cause and effect
analysis. Academic officials benchmark student performance against specific aggregate pools and determine the
value-added by the institution based upon the student’s academic experience using an Inbound Exam/Outbound
Exam assessment construct (programmatic pre-test/post-test) to determine initial knowledge levels and assess
retained student knowledge, thus enabling academic institutions to establish the extent to which assurance of
learning goals are being achieved. The assessment services are customized to the academic programme and the
services are designed to address institutional and programmatic accreditation requirements related to quality,
accountability, learning outcomes, and continuous improvement.

Online education services include academic levelling courses, a writing style service, Business School Resource Center, and online leadership courses. Our educational support services include assistance with strategic planning, accreditation application, staff/faculty development, and other institutional effectiveness areas.

We are ready to assist you with a variety of higher education services. Peregrine Global is committed to improve
the quality of higher education across the world. We invite you to experience the Peregrine advantage.


Peregrine Global Overview
Peregrine Global includes both Peregrine Academic Services and the Peregrine Leadership Institute, along with global partners. Learn more about our organization from the organizational profile.
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