ECEFilling Curriculum Gaps Solutions

Traditional academic programs that are transitioning to online must have engaging, relevant instructional content. Simply reading material, particularly textbooks, is not sufficient for today’s learners.

Online courses also need to engage learners throughout the learning process. Learners do best when they can readily apply what they are learning through online interaction to cement new knowledge. Learners need to be able to interact with the online education, which improve knowledge retention and completion of the educational experience. 

Using online components as homework assignments can significantly enhance in-person professional development programs so that in-person time can be focused more on application and shared learning.



Filling Curriculum Gaps Solutions
This document provides an overview of the various solutions to filling gaps in curriculum.
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Filling Curriculum Gaps Solutions Presentation
The presentation slides provide a detailed overview of how Leading Edge Learning: Competency-Based Modules support filling curriculum gaps.
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