Developing career ready graduates who can demonstrate they have the soft skills to succeed is top of mind for employers, accreditors, and higher education institutions. However, objectively measuring soft skill related learning outcomes can be a challenge.

To help higher education institutions assess their intended learning outcomes (ILOs) related to employability of graduates and/or proficiency with specified soft skills, we have developed a 360-degree online evaluation process.

EvaluSkills utilizes the perspectives of peers, supervisors, advisors, mentors and colleagues, learners and faculty will gain an in-depth understanding of areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. This process provides an objective and accurate measure of skills essential to success in the workplace. With over 300 available soft skills, EvaluSkills can be customized to meet the assessment needs for programmatic evaluation. The instrument can be used by the faculty, employers, internship supervisors, and perhaps fellow students. School officials can also use EvaluSkills for staff/employee evaluation, although a slightly different instrument would be used compared to the instrument used for evaluating students.