Peregrine’s EvaluSkills: Workplace Skills Assessment is used to evaluate the soft skills of the students and employees based on perspectives of evaluators who are familiar with the assessed individual.

Colleges and universities typically have intended learning outcomes (ILOs) related to the employability of graduates and/or proficiency with specified soft skills. Self-assessment of soft skill proficiency is not particularly useful – how one perceives himself/herself can be very different from how others perceive the person.

In the business environment, soft skill assessment is done using 360-degree assessment services where the assessed employee’s skill level is assessed by peers, superiors, and subordinates. For higher education, EvaluSkills is based on a similar construct.

Higher education institutions can use EvaluSkills to measure the employability (employment readiness) of its graduating students. The instrument would be used by the faculty, employers, internship supervisors, and perhaps fellow students. School officials can also use EvaluSkills for staff/employee evaluation, although a slightly different instrument would be used compared to the instrument used for evaluating students.