Client Testimonials

Academic Leveling Course Services

TWU's MBA program requirements are changing such that new student intakes will require either an undergraduate business degree or the successful completion of an appropriate business education leveling course that addresses business learning components as determined in courses that meet the CPC guidelines. We determined that Peregrine Academic Services' offerings ideally meet the leveling business education requirements.
John H. Nugent, Ph.D. Associate Professor School of Management, Texas Woman's University

Consulting Services

Bill Parrott is an incredibly perceptive person. When he visits a non-US school abroad, he goes in without preconceptions and tries to understand how that school does things. He does not go in with US standards as a model. Instead, Bill tries to see how the foreign school's evaluation and learning outcomes processes can be improved and adapted to international accrediting requirements. As a accreditation coach, there's no one better.
Arlene Mlodzik Dean Emeritus, The American Business School

I hereby express my sincere thanks to Mr. Bill Parrott because through his leadership and guidance we achieved successfully the accreditation of Escuela Superior Internacional de Guatemala y El Salvador, with International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). During the four years of the process, Mr. Parrott remained constant monitoring through phone calls, visits to Guatemala to monitor scheduled tasks, coordinate workshops in the United States, in order to train in the terminology and especially in the quality philosophy requiring educational programs in the United States. This experience was completely constructive and I highly recommend Mr. Parrott as a Consultant to develop programs, assist new schools, and implement quality assurance processes for continuous improvement and students achieving successful learning outcomes.
Dr. Jose Manuel Carbonell Director, UDI Global Learning - Guatemala

Exam Services

We administer the CPC exam to our students in business capstone courses. We find the results important for our students and for our University to assure our student they are receiving a high quality business education and to provide our faculty well documented direct assessment of student retained learning. The CPC testing process is helping us close the quality loop.
Michael Reilly, Ph.D. Executive Dean College of Business & Professional Studies, Ashford University

Three things stand out to me with regard to what you offer: 1. Portfolio of academic solutions that help us identify challenges, and provide solutions. 2. Accessibility of assessment – ALL of our students – regardless of location can now be included in our end of program external assessment process. 3. Quality of information – the information is easily understood, includes additional information (such as completion time), and is available in multiple languages. We use the external assessment as one critical component in our overall annual assessment process. It helps us compare our results internally (between cohorts) as well as to peer institutions nationally. We use the data accumulated over a period of time to focus on opportunities for improvement, and share that with faculty, staff, and our executive team periodically to (a) keep them informed; (b) secure commitment to our continuous improvement initiatives. Having used the Major Field Test for 8 years, we are committed to external assessment. What Peregrine Academics has done is extend the reach of external assessment so that we can now capture data from 100% of our student population. They also provide a range of relevant solutions that help us ensure the quality of our academic programs. Peregrine obviously has listened to the evolving needs of business schools globally.
William S. Lightfoot, Ph.D. Dean, College of Business & Mass Communication, Brenau University

We have found Peregrine Academic Services to be responsive, not only in the timeliness of the reporting but in the ability to produce customized reports that allow us to drill down and analyze student learning at various levels, across programs and geographic regions. When you become a client of Peregrine, you have a thought partner in the assessment arena. Olin and his staff not only provide you with the data, but they also are available to help you make sense of your student learning data. Peregrine Academic Services and their products provide our College with the assessment tools, data collection, and analysis that allows us to effectively demonstrate student learning outcomes and CPC competencies. Specifically, the ability to compare our student learning outcomes with other ACBSP institutions is invaluable. We now have a reliable, valid, and external measurement of student learning for ACBSP and HLC/NCA accreditation. After a year of using the CPC testing we have the data necessary to document student learning outcomes, with the ability to identify areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement. In January, we were able to for the first time publicly share student learning outcomes on our website. More importantly, we were able to show the quality of our students and their learning outcomes. In addition to the ability to demonstrate student learning with reliable evidence, we are using the CPC testing results to strengthen the curriculum and identify key assessments that allow our students to have greater competency in key CPC topic areas.
Peter J. Holbrook, Ph.D. Dean College of Business and Management, Cardinal Stritch University

We have many good things to say about the comprehensive exam. Your customer service is excellent. The department faculty use the results to help identify weak areas in our curriculum. The exams are fair and rigorous and we find it an excellent way for business faculty to gauge specific outcomes related to the areas they teach. We receive monthly reports in a timely fashion and whenever I have contacted the office your staff is professional, helpful, courteous, and informative. The department is ever so happy with your program. It has saved us many hours of the development, administration, and correction of this type of an exam.
Joe Adamo, Ph.D. Professor, Business & Management, Cazenovia College

We are provided with an opportunity to receive an independent, third party assessment of our business programs through the Peregrine Academic Services direct assessment of student learning outcomes of students enrolled in our business programs. This has provided us with an ready opportunity to see if we are working towards the continuous improvement of our educational services. Peregrine Academic Services is a great partner.
MUNKHBAYAR Vanjil Head of Business Administration Department, Ider University

What is most important for the Mongolian universities is that taking part in this assessment test opens up an opportunity for them to learn about how the quality of their programs compare not only to each other but also to the rest of the world. This assessment program is conducted on a highly professional level and in a timely manner. We also liked the content and the coverage of topics very much. In the future we plan to make the participation of our students in this assessment program an annual tradition.
Dr. Gerelmaa Vice President of Academic Affairs, Institute of Finance and Economics, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

I want you to know that we have been very impressed with your services and response to issues and that we are very happy with our decision to use the Peregrine services.
Michael E. Dillon, Jr., Ph.D. Director, MBA Programs and Department Chair, Lincoln Memorial University

Peregrine Academic Services has been a pleasure to work with. The effectiveness of their application and value of their assessment reports are only surpassed by the quality and friendliness of their customer service, and responsiveness of their management team.
Alain Gracianette, Ph.D. Chair, MBA Department, Marylhurst University

Truthfully, Peregrine Academic Services gives us perspective and widens our internal lens, particularly among those who think that things are okay. Peregrine is the enterprise that's helping us to refine our learning outcomes across the curriculum in the School of Business as we prepare for reaccreditation. I must say that this has been a very good measure for us and provides the much needed impetus to re-engage faculty.
John L. Graham, Ph.D. Dean School of Business, Medgar Evers College

We use the data from the Peregrine assessment to close the loop in the assessment process. The assessment provided us with data to support making changes, since the numbers indicate areas where we need to concentrate our efforts. Without the data, we would be flying blindly in attempts to improve our educational processes.
John Kachurick, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Misericordia University

In fall 2011, Northwood University piloted the Peregrine Assessments for both BBA and MBA graduates and based on the pilot, implemented this across our system in 2012. The primary reason we chose this assessment was because it could be implemented online, in the eight states we operate, and internationally. We found no other assessment that could meet our needs at this level. The web-based assessment allowed us to incorporate the exam into our capstone class without using valuable classroom time. The results were quickly available and we were able to segment students by major, location, and other key data points. Using these data, we quickly saw where our strengths were and areas where we could improve.
Rhonda C. Anderson Associate Dean, Adult Degree Program, Northwood University

The CPC exams furnished by Peregrine were exactly what we were looking for in terms of a comprehensive exam that would enable us to measure student outcomes at both the undergraduate and graduate level. We believe that these tools and the results greatly assist us in the process of accreditation. Peregrine has provided us with prompt and comprehensive service; it’s a pleasure to work with them and it makes doing our job of delivering education that much easier. Everything about your service was impeccable...especially the quick turnaround time with regard to results, as well as the administrative support we received to help us through the initial process.
David Russell, Ph.D. Assessment and Accreditation Coordinator Paris School of Business, Paris School of Business

We appreciate the flexibility of these exams by your allowing us to develop a specialized section, entrepreneurship, to be incorporated into the exam.
Timothy A. O. Redmer, Ph. D. Professor of Accounting School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Regent University

Previously, we had used the ETS Major Field Exam in Business and the ETS MBA Exam. The results in terms of details we receive from Peregrine Academic Services are far superior. Peregrine Academic Services has been outstanding to work with! We use their CPC-Based testing services for our inbound as well as our outbound test in our MBA and MS Management programs. They have tailored an exam that fits the CPC for each degree. This has helped our assessment program tremendously, giving us a direct measure that learning is indeed occurring in our programs. We also use the CPC-Based outbound exam for our BBA degrees and plan to use them for an inbound BBA exam as well.
Les Crall, Ph.D. Associate Dean, School of Business & Technology, Southwestern Oklahoma State University

The St. Ambrose MBA program uses the Peregrine COMP exam as a pre-test and post-test assessment for students. We are in the process of building a paired results data base to measure the effectiveness of our program curriculum. Many times it is not the total outbound results that tell the story, but rather the increase in student learning from attending the program. Additionally, we use the inbound exam to determine student readiness for the MBA program. If a student scores low in one area, then they take one of the Peregrine ALC courses to get ready for class. We also use the outbound Peregrine COMP data against the normed results chart to determine which areas to focus in the MBA curriculum. It is proving to be an excellent guiding tool for the MBA program.
Teresa Hutchinson, MBA MBA Program Director, St. Ambrose University

We are in the beginning stages of re-designing our assessment process and decided to ‘test’ Peregrine's CPC exams after struggling with the reporting aspects of ETS. We also like the fact that we could ultimately see the learning on an individual student basis from entry to graduation. In our initial round of testing, we tested our entering students (juniors) and tested our outbound students and saw a significant (23%) growth in knowledge in the areas we tested.
Lucas W. Loafman, J.D., M.B.A. Department Chair - Management & Marketing , Texas A&M University of Central Texas

We at the Heuther School of Business, College of Saint Rose have been looking for some time for a way to measure student progress and performance utilizing an outcome based rubric.  We have used other firms in the past, but where not happy with their approach or service.  All that has changed since we have been working with Peregrine Academic Services!  Their testing instruments are excellent and easy to administer.  Outcomes assessment is immediate and can easily be adapted to our particular programs.  Most important, the staff at Peregrine are readily available and happy to help with questions or concerns.  Peregrine is an excellent partner for us.
Charles Finn Ph.D. MA Management Professor, Heuther School of Business, The College of Saint Rose

We are glad to work with a company with a solid track record such as Peregrine Academic Services. They offer superb service, with the added value of having their products available in Spanish. Their reports are easy to interpret and provide valuable insight for assessing the effectiveness of our academic programs.
Sr. Edwin A, Ortiz Mundo, MBA Director Administrativo, Universidad Metropolitana

Spring testing went well. Your people were outstanding dealing with any student problems, and the reports were perfect for evaluating the effectiveness of our programs.   
Roger Roy, Ph.D. Dean College of Business, University of Maine Fort Kent

Services - Mongolian

Бизнесийн хөтөлбөрөөр суралцаж буй оюутнуудыг Peregrine academic services-ийн сургалтын үйл явцын үнэлгээний программаар үнэлүүлсэн нь хөтөлбөрийнхөө үр дүнг хөндлөнгөөс бодитой харах боломжийг олгож өгч байна. Ингэснээр бидний ажил сайжирч байгаа эсэхийг хялбархан мэдэх боломжтой болж байгаа юм. Peregrine academic services байгууллага нь сайн түнш юм.
MUNKHBAYAR Vanjil Head of Business Administration Department, Ider University

Монголын сургуулиудын хувьд энэ үнэлгээний хөтөлбөрт хамрагдсанаар өөрсдийн чансааг дотоодод төдийгүй олон улсад хэрхэн харьцуулагдахыг мэдэх боломжтой болж байгаа нь бидний хувьд чухал юм. Энэ үнэлгээний хөтөлбөр нь мэргэжлийн түвшинд түргэн шуурхай хийгддэг, агуулга цар хүрээ өргөнтэй нь бидэнд их таалагдсан. Цаашид жил бүр уламжлал болгон энэ хөтөлбөрт оюутнуудаа хамруулах төлөвлөгөөтэй байгаа.
Dr. Gerelmaa Vice President of Academic Affairs, Institute of Finance and Economics, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

Services - Spanish

Nos alegra contar con el apoyo de una empresa sólida y de trayectoria como Peregrine Academic Services. Su servicio es excepcional y la disponibilidad de sus productos en español representa un valor añadido importante para nosotros. Sus informes son fáciles de interpretar y ofrecen un vehículo ágil para evaluar la efectividad de nuestros programas académicos.
Sr. Edwin A, Ortiz Mundo, MBA Director Administrativo, Universidad Metropolitana

Writing Style Services

Marylhurst’s MBA Department beta-tested Peregrine’s online writing style tutorial and assessment services. We are pleased to report that test results do support expanded and continued use of the services.
Alain Gracianette, Ph.D. Chair, MBA Department, Marylhurst University