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Peregrine’s Online Leadership Courses for business leadership includes courses focused business writing fundamentals, leadership communications, leadership essentials, leading teams, dealing with workplace conflict, leading change, and leading the leaders. Each course is organized into eight modules with instructional content and post-course assessment. The courses are used to supplement an academic specialization in leadership or as standalone leadership development for corporate training, staff/faculty development, student groups, and individual participants.

In this online leadership program, we transform theory into practice by showing participants how to become a more effective global business leader. Each of the seven leadership courses in the Business Leadership Series includes an overview of the course, six modules focused on interactive learning, and a review and summary quiz. The interactive learning modules include a variety of media types (audio, video, animation, and slideshow) designed to engage the participant. Typically, a participant will spend 3-5 hours per course, approximately 15-30 minutes per module.

The online leadership courses can be readily integrated into any academic curriculum to supplement classroom learning. The online series can also be used to create standalone courses in leadership, perhaps by adding a reflective paper at the end of the program. The courses can also be used for team/staff development, continuing education, and workforce outreach, especially when combined with and existing program offered by the academic institution. 



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