Association of MBAs

The Association of MBAs is the impartial authority on postgraduate management education and is committed to raising its profile and quality standards internationally for the benefit of Business Schools, students, alumni and employers. Our accreditation service is the global standard for all MBA, DBA and Master's degrees, currently accrediting programmes from the top 2% of Business Schools in over 70 countries. We are the only professional membership association that connects MBA students and graduates, accredited Business Schools and MBA employers throughout the world.

Workshop by Peregrine Academic Services for schools seeking AMBA Accreditaiton

Beginning the Journey Towards AMBA Accreditation

The challenge of understanding and effectively managing the accreditation process can be daunting. A school needs to begin the process by asking questions: How do we know that the higher education we provide today as Business Schools meets or exceeds the expectations of all stakeholders, including students, faculty, employers, regulatory agencies, and internationally recognised accreditation organisations like AMBA? What polices, practices, procedures, and leadership concepts are in place to ensure that the academic institution is meeting all of its obligations relative to quality, or at least a plan that is clearly understood which states what activities need to be undertaken for continuous quality improvement?

Answers to these key strategic questions will be provided during this dynamic and interactive three-day workshop on Beginning the journey towards AMBA accreditation.

By using real-world examples based on the best practices and lessons learned from more than 500 academic institutions from throughout the world, delegates will explore and explain the essential elements and principles associated with academic quality and programmatic accreditation. All participants will be involved in developing clarity regarding their specific aims for quality, AMBA accreditation, and excellence in higher education.

Stakeholders at all levels are increasing their demands for quality assurance in higher education. Through this workshop, participants will learn what their academic institutions need to do in order to address these demands, provide the highest quality educational experience, prepare for AMBA accreditation, and complete the transformation of the institution into a truly world-class centre of academic excellence.

This workshop is specifically designed for aspiring higher education institutions to determine what they need to accomplish to become eligible to pursue AMBA accreditation. At the end of the workshop, delegates will have a comprehensive action plan to overcome any remaining challenges so that they may pursue AMBA accreditation.

This is a hands-on workshop during which the facilitators will guide participants through a series of exercises designed to develop the strategic framework that the institution will use towards pursing AMBA accreditation

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