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APA Writing Style Training and Testing Course

We have created a two-part APA online program. Part I consists of a 150-question interactive training program, with instructional content, that reviews 17 APA topical areas. The instructional content sections and the interactive question sections show both correct and incorrect examples of APA requirements.

Part II is a 50-question online APA test that can be used to validate APA writing style competency. Typically, students take the training program before they take the competency exam.

This program can be purchased separately or as a bundle.

Includes the CPC topics Abbreviations, Capitalization and Italics, Electronic Media, Figures, Grammar, Headings and Series, Manuscript Layout, Metrication, Numbers, Punctuation, Quotations, Reference Citations in Text, Reference List, Scholarly Writing and Word Choices, Statistical and Mathematical Copy, Tables, and Writing Style. (17 topics, 130 question exam)
$ 35.00 USD    
APA Writing Style Training Module
$ 10.00 USD    
APA Writing Style Competency Exam
$ 45.00 USD    
APA Writing Style Training Module & Competency Exam, based on the 6th Edition APA Guide