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Accounting Common Professional Component Exams

Our bachelors and masters degree ACPC-based COMP exams are unique for the accounting degree programs and distinctly separate from our business degree CPC-based COMP exams. University officials can customize any CPC-based COMP Exam through topic selection (usually selecting 8-12 topics) or by adding their own topics. We also have a list of 47 supplemental Accounting/Finance topics that university officials can use to build their own program-assessment exam specific to their curriculum.

Listed for purchase are generic exams without any customization for a specific program assessment.

Bachelors and Masters Comprehensive Exams

Includes the CPC topics Accounting, Business Communications, Business Ethics in Accounting, Business Finance, Business Policies, Integration, and Strategic Management, Economics, Global Dimensions of Business Accounting, Information Management Systems, Leadership in Accounting, Legal Environment of Business, Management, Marketing, and Quantitative Techniques, Statistics, and Research Analysis. (13 topics, 130 question exam)
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Bachelors Level Accounting Comprehensive Exam
$ 40.00 USD    
Masters Level Accounting Comprehensive Exam