ECEe-Programmes Service

Peregrine Academic Services provides instructional content, course guides, assessment plans, faculty training, and integration capabilities for universities to offer online or blended Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Philosophy (MPhil), and Doctor of Business Administration academic degree programs.

The service includes courses for the MBA (11 courses for 36 credit hours), the MPhil (4 courses for 12 credit hours), and the DBA (10 courses for 48 credit hours) academic degree programs.

Built in Moodle® with the option for hosted Moodle® site (although any LMS can be used with the service), the academic programs are branded and customised to your university. The university teaches the courses and awards the degrees and diplomas. The online programs are accreditation-ready, inclusive of the management curriculum, with dynamic and interactive content.

Although the emphasis is on program-level adoption, Peregrine also provides the service as standalone online courses and 3-course specializations/concentrations

You can also read what BLOGRIGE, the official Baldridge Performance Excellence Program blog, had to say about how we use the Baldrige Excellence Framework in our e-Programme service:


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