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Bloomberg Businessweek B-School Connection service is an academic partnership designed to inspire students to be persistent readers of current events and become engaged learners. Peregrine is the exclusive provider of the B-School Connection for higher education, as the service is often combined with related assessment and other education services. The B-School Connection sets an expectation that students are well-read and fully prepared to engage in regular discussions related to their studies, as well as with their future careers.

The B-School Connection service includes a subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek and online student and instructional resources including weekly article reviews, quizzes, short case studies, and engaging classroom lessons that are written by academic professionals across 12 business disciplines and within seven academic competencies. The online resources are fully searchable and organized by concepts within each discipline, competency, economic sector, and country.

Bloomberg’s B-school Connection is an online/digital higher education service for students and faculty that includes Bloomberg Businessweek and the Bloomberg Resource Center with weekly instructional content designed to develop globally informed students and career-ready graduates. The service is academically appropriate for any course in any course or program needing current and applicable competency-based content. The B-school Connection service is a cost-effective solution that addresses several accreditation and key stakeholder needs related to instructional quality, global awareness, student engagement, and lifelong learning.  Key features of the B-School Connection include:

  1. Weekly news and analysis from throughout the world produced by the world's largest business news company. 
  2. Instructional support resources including quizzes, short cases, knowledge- and competency-based archives, discussion questions, and team-based activities. 
  3. Digital Bloomberg Businessweek subscriptions for both students and faculty. 
  4. Academic support including course syllabi content with online faculty training. 
  5. Written and supported by academic professionals for academic professionals 

Should you choose to adopt the service for your academic institution, the B-school Connection opportunities for your academic institution include:

  • Supplement and/or replace out-of-date, static (and expensive) textbook content with current, dynamic content designed to engage students and promote applied learning. 
  • Flexible integration into the classroom for any delivery modality. 
  • Simple service adoption by the higher education institution. 

The B-School Connection service is the student’s doorway to the world. For faculty, the service offers dynamic, hassle-free content suitable for any course at any academic level. Program managers and school officials gain by creating informed, career-ready students. With the service’s assessment features, we provide validated assessment using real-world content for course-level formative and summative assessment.

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