About Peregrine Academic Services

Peregrine Academic Services, LLC was founded in order to assist colleges and universities with the program-level assessment requirements. Several of us worked previously at higher learning institutions where we saw that the tools and methods that were being used to assess academic programs through direct measurement were limited in scope, application, and/or availability. We saw reports that included meaningless and irrelevant statistics and comparisons. These were not the data that academic professionals could readily use to address accreditation needs, make meaningful adjustments to an academic program, or evaluate learning outcomes at the program level. What was needed were tools build upon the requirements of accreditation and that is what we have built.

Our most important goal continues to be to provide customizable academic services related to accreditation needs that can be directly applied across the spectrum of higher learning: from associates through doctoral; both within the US and throughout the world.

Our Mission is to provide online assessment services and higher learning products for higher learning institutions and assist these schools with obtaining and maintaining their accreditation requirements. Our Vision is to be the academic partner of choice for all higher learning institutions, within the US and throughout the World.

Our Values include:

  • Confidentiality: Maintain reliable and secure web-based services that ensure absolute confidentiality.
  • Continuous Improvement: Anticipate, build, peer-review, pilot, validate, and then provide academic services that best meet the evolving needs for 21st Century higher learning institutions.
  • Consistency: Provide stable and reliable educational web-based platforms for higher learning institutions within a 24/7 supported environment.
  • Customization: Offer customized solutions for our clients that best meet their specific academic needs for quality, accreditation, professionalism, and accountability.
  • Competency: Maintain the highest level of competency associated with higher education, leadership, and professional academic standard assurance.

Meaning Behind the Name: Peregrine

Peregrine ( pronounced PER-ə-grən ) is of Latin origin and means traveler or wanderer (Merriam-Webster). The name was popular among early European settlers of the Americas. Peregrine White was the name of the first child born to the Pilgrims in the New World and was born on the Mayflower.

The peregrine falcon is found throughout the world and is the fastest animal on the planet. Although the falcon was threatened with extinction in the 1960s, populations today are healthy, self-sustaining, and expanding in many areas.

We chose the name peregrine, and its representation with the peregrine falcon, for our company in order to symbolize shared characteristics: resiliency, world wide distribution, tenacity, and an ability to adapt to a variety of conditions.

We are quick to respond to your academic needs, we fly above the competition, and we can attack your assessment and business learning problems with proven skills honed through years of higher education experience.

Unique characteristics and features of our Company services include 100% online services, immediate access to exam results by university officials, complete coverage of the business and business-related core competencies, and quality assurance from the business degree accreditation entities.

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Company President & CEO
Olin O. Oedekoven, Ph.D.

Dr. Oedekoven has over 30 years of senior leadership, education, and academic experience through service in both the public and private sectors. His vision created Peregrine Academic Services when he and his colleagues realized that a serious gap existed between the requirements for direct assessment and the tools that were available at the time.

Director of Strategic Alliances
William S. Parrott

For over 30 years, William (Bill) Parrott has worked in quality assurance and program development. Bill is an expert in the implementation of continuous improvement including program assessment. Before joining our team, Bill spent 13 years with International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). Bill has traveled to over 200 institutions of higher learning and reviewed 1000+ degree programs in more than 20 countries and within the US, reviewing accreditation documents, developing new programs, updating existing programs, and consulting with program administrators to enhance their ability to accomplish their goals more effectively.

Director of Operations
Miranda Irby

Miranda has over 12 years of business management and information technology experience. Her skills in data analysis, report generation, and web-based design distinguish her from her peers. Miranda is foundational to the success of Peregrine Academic Services.

Client Services Manager
Sarah Warne

With over 15 years of experience in technology management, information management systems, and customer/client support, Sarah Warne has breadth and depth in higher education support. Her innovation, creativity, and solution-oriented approaches to problem solving and customer support have helped propel Peregrine Academic Services into its role as a global leader in accreditation related services.

Business Manager
Kayla Vos

Business Manager and Gillette Wyoming native Kayla Vos has a great depth of experience in the fields of customer service, client management, and business operations based on her previous work within the lodging and web service industries. Her higher education experience was with Dakota State Univeristy in Madison South Dakota. Kayla's focus is on ensuring the highest quality of customer service and care along with seamless business operations for Peregrine Academic Services and Peregrine Leadership Institute.

Director of Business Development
Chandra Bublitz

Chandra has an extensive background in private sector business development and customer service. Chandra’s focus on customer service allows her to lead a experienced team for technical and customer support to faculty and students.

Director of Technology Development
Michael Napolitano

Michael is a certified programmer in all major internet-based languages and a leader within his field for web programming and database design.

Senior Programmer
Tom Kaness, M.S.

Programmer and information technology developer Tom Kaness has nearly 30 years of experience with a diversity of public and private organizations in software development, programming, technology management, and automated report design and implementation.

Director of International Operations
Alimaa Jamiyansuren, M.A.

Alimaa has over 15 years of experience working at leading US economic consulting companies, and working in business and higher education consulting, and public relations/communications fields in the US. Her fields of expertise include antitrust economics, financial economics, econometrics and econometric modeling, public health, mortgage industry, non-profit organizations and higher education. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bryn Mawr College, PA and Master of Arts degree from Tufts University, MA.
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Director of Australian and South Asian Operations
Deborah K. Robbins, SPHR

Deborah has over 25 years of experience within nearly every organizational level of higher education and business from faculty/first-line employee to senior leadership. She has worked in the public sector, private sector, and with non-profit organizations. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Wyoming. Debbie is a graduate of the CDR Associates as a Mediator and holds the SHRM designation of Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). She is also an adjunct faculty member for the University of Mary’s Accelerated Masters Programs, teaching Human Resource Management.